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July Newsletter

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June Newsletter

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Kelly James Memorial Scholarship Application

Kelly James Scholarship Application

The Royal Players and Young Players will award a scholarship of at least $500 to a 2017 graduate who has shown a past commitment to the theatre and plans to receive further education in theatre/film with the goal of a career in the industry. Preference will be given to those active in the Royal Players and Young Players productions.

Please click the link above to download the application form as a Microsoft Word document.

Royal Players Membership Form and Instructions

Royal Players Membership Form 2017

If you would like to join The Royal Players open membership, please fill out and email this form to or and use the Tip Jar on the website to make your payment.

November Newsletter

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Cast List for “Charlie Brown Christmas”


The Young Players and Royal Players are happy to announce the cast for Charlie Brown Christmas, showing December 15-17

Charlie Brown- Luke Ferguson
Snoopy- Madison Stoltzer
Lucy- Meredith Medford
Linus- Jack Clay
Pig Pen- Noah Lee
Frieda- Olivia Kreulen
Schroeder- Caleb Burnett
Violet- Alex Lanier
Sally- Libby Golleher
Patty-Tierney Earnest
Shermy- Hayden Griffis
Marcie- Hannah Grace Fritz
Woodstock- Sascha Bass
Franklin- Isaac Hutson

Angel Choir
Izzy Hammonds- Cabaret
Gretchen Bush- Cabaret
Makenzie Taylor- Cabaret
Makaylei Taylor- Cabaret
Cadence Earles- Cabaret
Annie Harris- Cabaret
Reagan McCartney- Cabaret
Alana Dunn- Cabaret
Shelby Ward- Cabaret
Adelyn Eiler- Cabaret
Morgan Jones- Cabaret
Julia Gustafson- Cabaret
Caylie Richardson- Cabaret
Mary Grace Wells- Cabaret
Sam Duncan
Hannah Kuhlmann
Rylee Kate Horn
Addison Lumpkins
Amber Thompson
Mia Simone Parker
Rylee Woodard
Addie Woodard
Ty Wunderl
Madalyn Anderson

The 2016 Ben-Tony Awards


Here are the nominees for the coveted Ben-Tony Awards for the 2015-2016 season Royal Players. Of course, they are all very worthy (and so are many of their fellow actors who did not get nominated this time around). First, all directors and shows are nominated. The next list starts with non-musicals (leads, then supporting). If a name is repeated, that person was nominated in two categories. Musicals have the extra category of vocal performance. Special volunteer awards are not listed; neither are the ensemble nominations, choreographers or set and tech divisions (or Young Players). If you see a misspelled name, let me know quickly please.

Everyone is invited to the Ceremony October 15, 7 p.m., at the Royal. Admission is free, concession is open, and there will be entertainment.
Shows and directors: “Love from a Stranger”—Frank O. Butler; “White Christmas”-S. Christopher Boggs; “Cheaper by the Dozen” – Lisa Goodrich; “Shrek” – Mark A. Burbank; “Camelot” – D. Brent Miller; “You Can’t Take It with You” – Frank O. Butler.

Our sponsors for the season were Middlebrooks Electric, The Jeff Mattingly Foundation/First Security Bank, Roberson and Associates Insurance, Everett Buick GMC, W.W. and Anne Jones Charitable Trust, and Regions Bank. (They don’t get a trophy, but please remember them.)

Drew Ellis, Jeremy Clay, Brian Roberson, Tim Sopel, Harold Dean; Hillary Bell, Destiny Marchese, Hannah Hill; Duane Jackson, Tim Sopel, Mason Newberry, Jim Troillett, Hunter Strom, Keith Harper, Randall Earnest; Emily Kincaid, Tracy Courage, Donna Johnston, Meredith Medford, Hillary Bell, Jaketa McClure; Jeremy Clay, Tony Clay, D. Brent Miller, Shawn O’Brien, Harold Dean; Jordan Burnett Mays, Moriah Patterson, Hannah M. Sawyer, Ashley Couch; Randall Earnest, Payton Justice, Josh Strickland, Kevin Crumpler; Ersella Hughes, Cheryl Troillett, Megan Bowers; Jeremy Clay, D. Brent Miller, Josh Strickland, Kevin Crumpler, Harold Dean; Jordan Burnett Mays, Moriah Patterson, Rachael Brown, Hannah M. Sawyer, Ashley Couch.

This year we are going to have “Outstanding Performance by a Youth in a Royal Players Production.” I have no idea how much of that will fit on a little gold label or what we will do about it. Nominees are Jack Clay, Isabella Nguyen, Brooklyn Courtney-Moore.

Nominees from the Young Players are:
Annslee Clay
Isabella Hammonds
Jack Clay
Erin Johnston
Melody Small
Carson Clay
Annie Harris
Luke Ferguson
Gretchen Bush
Will Porter
Olivia Hicks
Caleb Burnett
Morgan Jones
Koty Mansfield
Georgeann Burbank
Makayla McNeil
Anthony McBride
Brooke Melton
Bodee Starr
Matthew Gonzalez
Carlee Hutchins

October Newsletter

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Cast Announcement “It’s a Wonderful Life”


September Newsletter

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